What is the spell for lucky hair tie?

The lucky hair tie spell is another spell for beauty which is casted to enhance the beauty of a person and him him/her look more beautiful by making his/her hair look more silky and attractive. The lucky hair tie will make that person appear more attractive to other people.

What are the ingredients needed?

It is casted by the use of simple ingredient

  • A hair tie
  • Basil
  • Pepper
  • A bowl

What is the method to cast this spell?

  • Arrange for all the materials
  • Put the hair tie in the bowl
  • Put pepper in it
  • Put basil into it
  • Say the following chant

             Into the sky

             The hair fly

             Make this tie

             A magical tie

      So mote it be

  • Repeat it 31 times
  • Thank the goddess of beauty
  • See the magic

How much effective is this spell?

lucky hair tie

The lucky hair tie spell is a pretty useful and effective spell to take you beauty quotient a few steps ahead. This will surely magnify the beauty of the individual once it is cast. The silky and attractive hair will attract everyone.

How long will it take to cast this spell?

Casting this spell is a simple process and can be done promptly without actually taking too much time. The whole procedure will just take few minutes and the spell will be casted. The ingredients needed are the simple ingredients and can be arranged for very easily.

For how long will it be effective?

The lucky tie spell will be effective for a relatively longer period of time as it is really powerful spell. It is not at all going to wane away very soon. It will be effective for a relatively longer period of time.

Will it need to be casted again?

Since the lucky hair tie spell will be effective for a really long period of time so there is seldom a need to cast this spell again.But if a long time has elapsed or the person is not satisfied or he/she is not getting the desired results then that person may recast this spell.