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As a total health nut, cyclist and trail runner just below ironman level class, Iā€™m often asked sure, anyone can get their body into good shape if they have enough opportunity to exercise and eat a good diet, but what about your mind. How do you improve their cognitive function and increase their IQ. Well, we are told that your genetics determine your upper-end IQ, but if you wish to get to all of that and increase your cognitive function, I would suggest a few supplements that I currently take. For mind supplements they work great. Recently, I read an old post in consumer advisory online branded brain supplement reviews buyer’s guide 2015 – how to purchase brain supplements online, which said:

Modafinil supplements

Consumer advisor online does not frequently review nutritional buy modafinil supplements, but because we have received dozens of requests for our view on the new brain and memory no tropics supplement craze sweeping the country, we decided to weigh in and help demystify this so- called ‘miracle pill’. We began hearing the buzz when daytime TV doctors, began touting these new pills that enhance concentration, memory recall, focus, mental clarity and energy. And though we love the great doctor and his purple gloves, we do not adore the droves of hucksters who prey on his loyal audiences seeking to earn a fast buck, frequently selling low-grade variations of his medical discoveries. Thus, we researched over 38 popular brands being sold both online and in retail shops. We will sing like a canary about what they do not want you to know!

This all makes perfect sense to me. Not long ago, a friend asks when I best brain supplements, this article came up. I am curious about what you think since it does not mention some of the products that you recommend that I take. These are combo supplements with many components and I wonder whether this is the best approach. As an example, ginseng – stabilizes blood circulation and raises adrenaline, which is not only a mind thing, but without good blood circulation, the brain does not do well, and helping to get oxygen aids. Modafinil balboa is known by eastern medicine to assist with brain memory I am surprised that the article did not mention it whatsoever. Same with another one I said. The chromium picolinate has always been regarded as a fantastic brain supplement.