Did alien astronauts actually fall to world in ancient times?


Several sci fi fans prefer to think that alien astronauts visited planet in ancient times. Although it is just a very appealing concept, there is really no method to understand what did not occur in ancient times or did. There are not any written documents, no enduring terms of mouth passed on through the decades, and no damages of advanced cities. So far as history shows us, there is no proof that people have ever enter into connection with alien life forms on the planet. But we all know once we may think they were that also within the evening before recorded history, many people were not as backward. Plus they do some odd items that are difficult to describe today.

Move yourself back towards present’s Salisbury plain southwest England some three thousand 500 years back. Some odd things went on there. People dragged large stones as high as 50 tons from so far as 250 kilometers away to construct a group of upright stones. Nowadays that location is known as Stonehenge and only 17 of these amazing rocks stand. What is more remarkable is like beams over the ceiling of the modern building the fact that some rocks lay horizontally over different position stones. Now consider this. No more than 3 to 4 century ago, people did not possess the technology to raise such large loads, not to mention carry them over this kind of range. Did they have the type of advanced technology today that people have.

There is no data to claim that. Or did they obtain a little support from Aliens Meme creatures that included their high tech gear, did the task and flew away. You should not be so fast to pooh the concept since, as previously mentioned above, there is really no method to understand what did not occur in ancient times or did. The 2nd issue is what they developed the stone formation for. Then someone did if people did not possess a valid reason to construct it. Currently carry yourself back only a little back towards the maca leave towards the potential in southern Peru. Present day Anzac’s ancestors Indians who lived there drew huge collections over the wilderness, some so long as 65 kilometers.

The images are so huge the images they create may only be viewed precisely in the air. Two questions quickly shoot up in your mind. There is no written report to recommend any response to these issues. Not so likely. Possible! Or were they landing places for Alien Invasion spacecraft as recommended by some. But when these were, then there should certainly have already been maca folklores about unusual creatures and unusual art in the stars. The lack of such tradition leaves a clear. Actually, until they were found in the atmosphere with a pilot of an aircraft flying within the region within the early 20th century, the local Indians of the region were not even conscious of the lines, meaning neither they or their ancestors had any use for that odd lines.